We have expert, in house, watchmakers that are sure to restore your watch to almost as great as the day you purchased it. Our watchmakers put extra time and effort into your watch, as we highly value our customers.

Full Service: With a full service, you can have piece of mind that we will fully take care of your watch. Your watch will be completely cleaned, oiled, and adjusted. Any worn or broken parts will be replaced to insure that your watch is running at peak performance. After a complete overhaul, your watch will be water pressure tested to insure there are no leaks and then it will be given to our expert refinisher. Your watch will look and run like you just bought it. 

Why should you service your watch?: Your watch is like any other fine tuned machine, it needs a service every once in a while. Servicing your watch not only gets all the dust, gunk, and old oil out of your watch, but it also makes sure that its running as it should and prevents any future unexpected issues.

Our Warranty: We warranty repairs for 1 year from the date of service. This warranty covers all mechanical components. External cosmetic damage and water leakage due to open crown is not covered. Vintage watches manufactured prior to 1980 may not be water-resistant. Inform us if you wish to use your vintage timepiece in the water prior to service.

Some watches are only able to recieve a 6-month warranty, however these cases are rare.